Valentine’s Date Night Look

So that special day that you show your significant other how much you love and adore them is exactly seven days away.

” Love Day”  some people (single folks) hate it and some love it! Me personally, it is not a special day, for the kiddos maybe, but as an adult I’ve learned to celebrate my love through out the year and not just on a particular day.

Any who as of right now I don’t have any plans for V-day but I still want to inspire the ladies that have plans but have no idea what to wear.

Now whether you’re going out with a group of your girl friends or with your hot date you can still spice up your look and give a little sex appeal to spice up your night!

I mean what woman doesn’t like to feel sexy RIGHT???!!!


We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t go wrong with a little black dress” Now y’all know black is my go-to color but I feel the same for a little red dress. For Love Day I decided to spice things up with this little red velvet strapless dress.

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to wear so I bought fabric and played with it until I came up with this strapless number. If you follow me on Snap Chat (aDifferentC) then you saw some of the process. Initially the dress was extremely revealing, actually too revealing for me, so I started over and decided to go for something a little more simple but still sexy and fit all my little curves 🙂

Leave some comments to let me know how I did. (Be easy on me now, I’m not a designer) FullSizeRender-118

I added the leather jacket and lace gloves for some edginess


Now since my face is pretty bland, I added the chandelier earrings and diamond crusted necklace for a spark of Glamour. Believe it or not I sometimes wear the necklace as a crown 🙂 IMG_2429

Although I hand made my dress you can still find something similar at pretty much any trendy boutique or retail store. My jacket is from BeBe and sandal heels are from Steve Madden.

I hope you all enjoyed this inspirational look today.

Also have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones or even if you’re alone. Take yourself out 🙂

Until next time

be happy, be you

Glen LaShay





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