Staple for Fall


So as you all know I’m highly anticipating the arrival of Fall. I could not be more excited for my favorite time of the year. It’s never too hot nor too cold during the Autumn months here in North Texas especially here in the DFW area.  image

It’s my favorite season of the year because I get to layer my fashionable life away with layers and more layers   image

My key Staple pieces for Fall will always be a “go to” boot or bootie more likely a bootie though. I’m pretty obsessed with thigh boots as well. I will always and I repeat ALWAYS have a leather jacket on deck for sure haha image

These red hot booties are from last season but you know me. There are no rules so, hey! Which is another reason I’m still walking around with a baby blue BCBG cross body that I picked up this past Spring   image

I completed this look with some leggings that I pulled up all the way to my bra just so they would stop a little past my knees. I left a little space between my leggings and my booties so that each piece of my outfit stood out without the booties and leggings meeting together. Hopefully that made some sense to y’all.

be happy, be you

Glen LaShay





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