Look Book with Natural hair, Stretch marks & Basic Makeup with Vitiligo

Hey dawlings (no typo)!!! For this look book I am sharing a few inspirational looks that you could easily throw together for a quick, simple, but yet chic ensemble of the day.

The purpose of these looks are not to inform you where to purchase the items, nor represent the correct or incorrect way to style them. My purpose is to present to you my natural hair, a basic face of makeup, and a bunch of stretch marks. Not only will you notice the details but you will also become aware of the amount of confidence I exude throughout the entire look book.

Confidence is about believing in your self regardless of what another human may think. As cliche as it sounds, either way you will be talked about so make it worth it right 🙂

Once I began to love me more than anything, everything else fell in line. It’s not magic, it’s the gravity that produces the happiness.

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I love you,  ALWAYS Different.

Remember there’s two types of people in the world, you and everyone else.

Be Different -aDC

“I was born to do what I do. It’s just too natural.There’s things that no one taught me, no one can teach you. It’s just, you are.” -Beyonce’

Glen LaShay

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