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As y’all know aDC is NOT your typical average blog. We like to do things really Different around here and never play by any Fashion rules. EEEWW “WHAT ARE THOSE??!!” Seriously. lol

For today’s post I really do not have a long story to include. This particular post has absolutely no motive at all but to INSPIRE. I called up both of these models @ah5_  & @model_sk asked if they wanted to shoot with me.


They showed up, MUA @mama_mya3 came through and enhanced their already beautiful faces, then this happened. I had no idea what I was going to do. I just  know that creative instinct kicked in and I must say I’m proud.


I love being creative, it’s manifested in me. I’m here to share so much with the world.

I can’t give up.


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Remember there’s two types of people in the world, you and everyone else.

Be Different -aDC

Glen LaShay

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