Ebony Lewis Art


Who is Ebony Lewis Art and what does it represent?

Ebony Lewis Art is a movement it is me putting my gift into action being able to use the gift I was given to encourage and evoke a
feeling not just something that is stimulating to the eye.

When did it originate?

It originated about two years ago when i really decided to really hit the ground running and take the little projects I was doing and really invest in myself.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many things, but majority of my inspiration comes from things that happen in real life and the feelings that come along with it. I
believe that inspiration can come from every where from a color to a conversation. I’m sometimes overwhelmed about how creative God is and it inspires me to be
my best when it comes to using my gift.



How can you seperate ELA from other artists?

I separate myself by following what I feel not by what I see everyone else doing. That’s how I stay unique and separate. I paint with a purpose every brush stroke every color all means something to me and servers a purpose when you walk into a establishment and a Ebony Lewis painting is on the wall you will know because you will feel.

How can a prospective buyer purchase your work?

You can reach me in a variety of ways one being my website by submitting a inquire info@ebonylewisart.com. Also my social media @ebonylewisart.com im always
out and about in dallas so please feel free to drop in on one of my shows as well.

(David & Goliath II)


What more can we expect from ELA in 2015?

ELA has so much planned for the next year I have a few shows coming up in March I want to expand out to the Austin and houston area so I will be doing some
moving around be in the look out.


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