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I wear the clothes. The clothes don’t wear me – RMG Rod Marley

I am The Founder of Rasta Money Gang …which is actually inspired by my rap name, Rod Marley. I picked up a bad habit, well not necessarily a bad habit but I started smoking at the age of 13.  That elevated to wanting to smoke more and more, so much that people started calling me Bob Marley. Rod  being my real name,  so I took the Marley and just ran wit it.
After a half day of shopping and looking at new ways to have a conservative approach mixed with a bit of urban appearance,  RMG artist Rod Marley and  I discussed some new music he has coming.
When did you discover yourself as a rapper?
So peep this…graduating high school in 2008 and deciding to drop out of college.
I was networking wit a guy named Jojotorius, who asked me to be his DJ at one of his college Frat shows. He said bring your instrumentals and I’m going to put them in major people hands that I am opening for at the college shows. So wit that in motion the first show I walked on stage and the people started to go crazy like I was about to perform.
I don’t know if it was my fashion appeareance or my over all appearance.
Jojotorius pulled me to the side and said “the people love you. You might wanna think twice about what you’re doing with your music career.”
After that night I told my self I had work to be done and  I started dropping music from that moment on.
I have even made my own instrumentals.
 Who would you say is fashion inspiration? What are some of your favorite designer brands if any?
The clothes and brands…hmmm to be honest…I’m a fashion freak and a sneaker geek.  The brand doesn’t matter. If I like it I’ll make it look fashionable…the clothes don’t make me I make the clothes.
 What can the world expect next from Rod Marley?
Currently working on a major project, I’ll be flying out to Atlanta next week to wrap it up.  I have some hot features.
Street money and world wide features. The people will love it.  New work with Duct Tape ent. and Travis Porter coming as well.
You never know what to expect from a young go getter like me.
Stay tuned we got more coming…
HotBoy directed by Rated-R films and BlackHeart Films.
@Rmg_RodMarley Instagram
@RmgRodMarley Twitter
I would love to interview more local artist of all kind that are interested in promoting their brand.  



23  Joshua Lewis, alumni of Park University and now CEO of his new company UPDown, an app that allows you to follow all local clubs, reserve your night life service, locate the venue, and enjoy your night. Keep reading below to find out more about this young man and starting his business at 23. Ohhhh and since it is Monday let’s go over his fashion as aDifferent Guy for Men’s Fashion Monday. I love how he layered the olive green American Apparel t-shirt over the white and grey extended t-shirts from H &M combined with the Olive green cargo pants also from H &M. Of course he could never go wrong with a  Timberland Boot. To top it off, he pairs it all together with the white fedora from Forever 21 Similar here. If you’re obsessing over his sense of fashion, check out some more below!! 🙂

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At the age of 23 and alumni of Park University  Joshua Lewis has already started his first business by creating an app that will make your nightlife a lot easier when you’re tired of waiting in long lines or getting to a venue and cannot get in. This app can make your reservations for you and give you the directions to the venue as well. I caught up with Mr. Josh himself and this what he had to say about UPDown and what motivated him to start young.

Josh I grew up under my brother who is a successful entrepreneur. So I knew once I found out what I wanted to do in life, that I would start something of my own! Plus the hard work behind being an entrepreneur excites me!

“UpDown NightLife” App
Club & Table Binge

Problem- We all know how stressful it is to get bottle service now a days or even getting in the club/bar itself…

Solution- This app helps make that “Turn up” experience so much easier… The UpDown app is an app developed for all my nightlife people… It’s your own guest list and table set up on your own phone, no need to email anyone or call anymore… You can set up your club table and bottle service with one click.


Directions- 1.The First step is to sign up to the app.
2. Upload your profile picture
3. Create a profile
4. Get started

Things you can do- You will be able to follow all the clubs of your choice. So you will have a time line full of the clubs of your choice. So the clubs will be the only people or things on the app with followers. So when u click into the app your timeline pops up… You can scroll to look at what these clubs are doing that day or night.
Under there pic or info you will have three options… 1.Comment 2. Like 3. Reserve
On your own profile you will have the ability to message other people u see comment or they will be able to message you to link up.

The reserve part goes like this… Once you click the button to reserve… this pops up (Bottle service, Guest List) you click on which ones suits your needs. On the bottle service part you will have the option of clicking what liquor you want and chasers and how many or how much you want … You will get an automatic 5-10 people on the guest list to get in with you.
The guest list button just brings up a list 1-5 to add the names you want to get in free for the night.
With both of these options you will get an accept notification or decline. Just like an notification you would receive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Well there it is my Different People!! I’m so proud of Josh and his company for everything they are doing as young men and women. You all have my support!!! -Glen

@JoshuaLewis @updownnightlife


How to remove stains from Timberland boots?


IMG_5588 (1)

My son who is 7 y/o was running in the parking garage until he fell and slid in a puddle of nasty oil that had leaked from a car. This completely destroyed his “Chris Brown” boots as he call them. Once I realized that I could blog about keeping your boots clean I had already cleaned off most of the oil from the boots. The pic up above shows the remaining oil that was left once I decided to take a before picture of the boots. I used warm water on a towel combined with the Dawn Dish detergent. I scrubbed until I no longer saw the oil. I allowed the boots to dry completely and they were back like new.

Glen Lashay

Black Dandy

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Pants: Express; Shirt: Unkommon Kolor; Express: Black Fedora; Cardigan: H&M; Shoes: KD7

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Bowtie & Pocket Scarf: thrifted; Vest: thrifted; Shirt: thrifted; Blazer: Express;
Boots: Allen Edmonds (Burnished Walnut); Pants: Dockers; Watch: Amitron

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