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DIY 40 inch ponytail

Hey loves for those of you that remember me wearing this extra long pony back in 2015, well I’m FINALLY doing a tutorial.

Just terrible I know.. I know there are a few comments on aDCTV where they are going innnn on me for not including a tutorial two years ago lol. But that particular video was really just for an inspirational hairstyle I jacked from my sister Beyonce’.

Fast forward nearly two years later, I’m now showing you step by step what I did to accomplish the look. Be sure to check out the full tutorial above.

Items you will need: 2 bundles of hair of your choice, Braid hair,  Eco styler Gel, Bobby pins, and to tame those edges sis you will definitely need some edge control.

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  Remember, ALWAYS do it Different.

Remember there’s two types of people in the world, you and everyone else. Be Different -aDC

“I was born to do what I do. It’s just too natural.There’s things that no one taught me, no one can teach you. It’s just, you are.” -Beyonce’

Glen LaShay

Valentine’s Date Night Look

So that special day that you show your significant other how much you love and adore them is exactly seven days away.

” Love Day”  some people (single folks) hate it and some love it! Me personally, it is not a special day, for the kiddos maybe, but as an adult I’ve learned to celebrate my love through out the year and not just on a particular day.

Any who as of right now I don’t have any plans for V-day but I still want to inspire the ladies that have plans but have no idea what to wear.

Now whether you’re going out with a group of your girl friends or with your hot date you can still spice up your look and give a little sex appeal to spice up your night!

I mean what woman doesn’t like to feel sexy RIGHT???!!!


We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t go wrong with a little black dress” Now y’all know black is my go-to color but I feel the same for a little red dress. For Love Day I decided to spice things up with this little red velvet strapless dress.

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to wear so I bought fabric and played with it until I came up with this strapless number. If you follow me on Snap Chat (aDifferentC) then you saw some of the process. Initially the dress was extremely revealing, actually too revealing for me, so I started over and decided to go for something a little more simple but still sexy and fit all my little curves 🙂

Leave some comments to let me know how I did. (Be easy on me now, I’m not a designer) FullSizeRender-118

I added the leather jacket and lace gloves for some edginess


Now since my face is pretty bland, I added the chandelier earrings and diamond crusted necklace for a spark of Glamour. Believe it or not I sometimes wear the necklace as a crown 🙂 IMG_2429

Although I hand made my dress you can still find something similar at pretty much any trendy boutique or retail store. My jacket is from BeBe and sandal heels are from Steve Madden.

I hope you all enjoyed this inspirational look today.

Also have a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones or even if you’re alone. Take yourself out 🙂

Until next time

be happy, be you

Glen LaShay





Neutral Makeup on Vitiligo skin

My loves!! Here is a quick updated tutorial on my neutral makeup look. For those that have been rocking with me for a while you may know that my skin is extremely sensitive so I’m always cautious of what I apply to my face.

For those that are new, WELCOME to a DIFFERENT side of things!! If you’re confused, it’s okay just continue to rock with me and eventually you will understand how we do things DIFFERENT around here 🙂

Normally I’ve been using Becca face primer however I saw some great reviews on the Kat Von D primer so I decided to try a sample from Sephora, being that I am already obsessed with her Lock It Foundation.

As you can see a small amount covers my entire face, the absolute BEST foundation I’ve ever used.

For a very light contour I use a small of amount of foundation that is one shade darker than my usual foundation color. I prefer the foundation instead of concealer during this method because the foundation to me blends softer than my LA Girls concealer. DSC02289

I love mixing a white and a bronze high light together!!! No particular reason why, it just looks better with both Bronze highlighter is from beauty supply 🙂 Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 8.14.59 AM

Brows are always simple and to the point. I literally just outline my natural shape then clean it up. (Brows are tough, Keep trying)

My lashes are Kiss KFLD03 fond at Sally’s. Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 2.19.42 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 8.19.46 AM Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 8.20.32 AM

For my hair I’m wearing Yummy Extensions Caribbean Wave from Dec 2015. I’ve cut on it and added highlights to it since then. To see how I straighten this hair, be sure to subscribe to aDC TV to see it next week.

Song Credit: Aitra- Out Of Reach

I love you,  ALWAYS Different.

Remember there’s two types of people in the world, you and everyone else.

Be Different -aDC

“I was born to do what I do. It’s just too natural.There’s things that no one taught me, no one can teach you. It’s just, you are.” -Beyonce’

Glen LaShay

Staple for Fall


So as you all know I’m highly anticipating the arrival of Fall. I could not be more excited for my favorite time of the year. It’s never too hot nor too cold during the Autumn months here in North Texas especially here in the DFW area.  image

It’s my favorite season of the year because I get to layer my fashionable life away with layers and more layers   image

My key Staple pieces for Fall will always be a “go to” boot or bootie more likely a bootie though. I’m pretty obsessed with thigh boots as well. I will always and I repeat ALWAYS have a leather jacket on deck for sure haha image

These red hot booties are from last season but you know me. There are no rules so, hey! Which is another reason I’m still walking around with a baby blue BCBG cross body that I picked up this past Spring   image

I completed this look with some leggings that I pulled up all the way to my bra just so they would stop a little past my knees. I left a little space between my leggings and my booties so that each piece of my outfit stood out without the booties and leggings meeting together. Hopefully that made some sense to y’all.

be happy, be you

Glen LaShay





Waiting on Fall like…..

Thursday September 22, 2016 10:21 EDT  is not approaching soon ENOUGH!! Fall hurry please!!! image I’m so over this Texas heat, this triple digit temperature is not working out for me nor my natural hair. I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and I’m still not use to this summer heat.

Lately I’ve been wearing my natural hair pressed out, obviously not the best idea during the summer but hey. My latest length check ended around 19.5″ -20.3″ in some areas of my head. My goal is elbow/waist length so we will see how well my patience last before raising scissors to my head lol  ☺️ image

During the Fall I absolutely love to combine layers and wear every kind of boot you can think of. I’m highly obsessed with Booties with detail such as these ankle booties from BCBG. image Layers upon layers for the Fall: Over size tee, pants, booties, complete with a leather jacket and simple key accessories such as my choker, rings and cute studs.   image Laughter feels so wonderful. Try it

My purpose is to give you inspiration how to be Different, not show you how to dress like me. Take what I share and create.

Be Different

I hope you all enjoyed this post for today!

Happy HUMP Day

She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails. -Elizabeth Edwards

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be happy, be you

Glen LaShay