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End of Year Look Book 2015

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Happy Holidays my Different people I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying time with your family.

Here are a four looks that I decided to end 2015 in. I’ve been craving a more in dept vision for my brand so I hired ErbaneTV so I could have more professional quality for you all. She was able to capture my vision exactly as I wanted. Shatoria_unlymitedbeauty  gave me a HD smokey eye look which turned out absolutely amazing!! All four of these looks were just randomly thrown together as it was time to shoot a new look. I am terrible at time management. I always wait until the last minute to do the most simple things.  Honestly it works for me. I work extremely well if not better when I’m under pressure.

But any who on to the wardrobe…

 Look 1. Black on Black| Simple T-shirt, Faux Leather skirt, bomber jacket and some booties.

Look 2. Trench & Midi| Fedora, Grey Midi Dress, Trench coat, and ankle sanders.

Look 3. Mesh & Leather| Statement Necklace, Mesh Body suit, High waist jeans, leather jacket and heels of your choice.

Look 4. T-shirt Dress & Thigh Boots| TShirt Dress, Thigh boots, and oversized coat.

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I love you all and keep being Different.

Remember there’s two types of people in the world, you and everyone else. Be Different -aDC

“I was born to do what I do. It’s just too natural.There’s things that no one taught me, no one can teach you. It’s just, you are.” -Beyonce’

Glen LaShay